Contacting Find-a-Drug

We aim to run Find-a-Drug at minimum cost. In order to do so we are unable to provide much support except through the message board forums and FAQs. We would also appreciate your feedback through the feedback form. If you have a query about your statistics you should first use the automated statsquery form.E-mail SupportDuring alpha and beta test we anticipate a need to provide e-mail support via We will endeavour to indicate the size of the backlog of queries on this page. Please read all the FAQs and message boards first!New Project ProposalsIf you have a serious proposal for a research project then please e-mail it to We anticipate that many ideas will be discussed on the bulletin boards.General QueriesWe would prefer you to raise general queries on the message board forums.Utilising ResultsIf you are interested in using the results of an existing research project then please e-mail Thank you.